Ethanol Roundtable: Building a Sustainable Ethanol Industry in NC

On July 31, 2008, Centralina Community & Economic Development Commission, Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, NC State Energy Office, and the NC Biotechnology Center cosponsored an Ethanol Roundtable at The Charles Mack Citizen Center in Mooresville, NC. Beyond setting the stage for where we are in North Carolina today, this workshop succeeded in educating participants on key challenges and opportunities ahead through expert speakers and panelists. Furthermore, the shared information and networking opportunities afforded attendees a chance to chart the next steps toward a sustainable ethanol future for North Carolina.

Cynthia Bryant, Global Marketing Manager-Biofuels, Novozymes North America, Inc.
Ms. Bryant’s presentation gave us great insight into the Biofuels technological developments and commercialization opportunities as well as a look sustainability challenges for the Biofuels industry.

Doug Horne, President, Clean Vehicle Education Foundation
Doug gave us an in-depth understanding of how existing codes apply to E85, listing of E85 dispensers that meet codes, how E85 is different from gasoline, and how these differences affect listing of E85 fueling equipment.

Mark Harper, CEO and an owner of United Energy Distributors, Inc.
Mr. Harper presented major considerations for Ethanol, covering who is currently manufacturing Ethanol and the capacity of current production to serve our needs, how Ethanol travels from the manufacturer to the consumer, and the challenges these issues pose.

Steve Childers, Industrial Division Manager, Southern Pump and Tank Co.
Steve Childers provided us with detailed information of SPATCO’s Alternative Fuels Division capabilities directed at addressing the needs of the alternative fuels market.

John Ganzi, President, North Carolina Biofuels Center, gave us a brief overview of the goal of ”North Carolina’s Strategic Plan for Biofuels Leadership” and a synopsis of what North Carolina Biofuels Center hopes to accomplish for our state. For more information on the North Carolina Biofuels Center, please visit

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