Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy


The Centralina Economic Development Commission (CEDC) has initiated the five-year update of its existing "CEDS".  This strategic plan outlines our nine-county region's approach to growing jobs and the economy. It builds on regional strengths, emphasizes key regional industry clusters and prioritizes economic development projects. Having a collaborative economic development strategic plan helps our communities compete for businesses and people, both nationally and internationally. The CEDS is not a plan that just sits on a shelf; it is a strategic action plan with performance measures that translate into real results for economic growth of local businesses and jobs.

Read the "Prosperity for Greater Charlotte" Report:

Economic Strategic Assessment for the Greater Charlotte Region

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Part II


Part III

Part IV

County Economic Assessment Reports

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A final 2012-2017 CEDS, must be submitted to U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) for approval by September 30, 2012 after endorsement by the CEDS Advisory Council and the CEDC. Public engagement events and stakeholder focus groups will be held from January to August to obtain input that will help develop the CEDS update.

Unique to this CEDS update will be the use of the latest national research and practices linking workforce skills and employer needs, as well as educational training assets to empower greater cluster industry success and job growth.  In addition, the most current approaches to competitive advantage assessment and integration of regional place based competencies will be foundational to all strategic analysis.

This strategic planning will provide an approach to growth and prosperity for a world class region that will sustain business and job growth and ensure globally competitive, vibrant and resilient communities. 

Our 2012 CEDS update process is also a part of the CONNECT regional framework to grow a robust and resilient region and will provide key components to the Greater Charlotte Bi-State 2011 HUD Sustainable Communities Grant.

NC Tomorrow Initiative

New this year is our region's participation with the 15 sister COG regions across the state in an effort entitled "NC Tomorrow"- Building Communities for Tomorrows JobsThis initiative is part of the Statewide NC Tomorrow program that will integrate all 16 NC Council of Governments' plans into one uniform NC Strategy for Comprehensive Economic Development. 

2012 CEDS Public Engagement Activities

Open House- May 1, 2012 at the Charles Mack Citizen Center, Mooresville, NC.

Download open house materials


Stakeholder Workshop & Focus Groups- July 11, 12, 26 & 27, 2012 - Analysis and survey of issues and input, SWOT analysis, develop community benchmarking competencies, target industries and new strategies.

Download the July 12, 2012 presentation


Stakeholder Workshop & Focus Groups - August 9 & 10, 2012 - Feedback on research findings, outcomes identified with preferred priorities and goals, preliminary action plans.

Download the August 9, 2012 presentation


Webinar- SWOT Analysis Presentation - August 31, 2012- Research findings for SWOT analysis and Target.

Download August 31, 2012 Presentation

Link to presentation and webinar recording


CEDS Advisory Council Meeting - September 13, 2012 - Present draft of 2012 CEDS reports and highlight new findings for final feedback and endorsement.

Download September 13, 2012 presentation


CEDC Board and CEDS Advisory Council Online Meeting - September 25, 2012 - Confirm and adopt the final 2012 CEDS 5-year update for submission to EDA.


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